Sermon On Mount Bethany

You may be interested today and end up being uninterested tomorrow.

You might be relevant today but find yourself far away from the corridors of relevance tomorrow.
Your services may be found necessary today but tomorrow nobody knows you ever existed.
You may be called the loved one today only to find out that you were just one of those on the list.

You may be seen as indispensable today only to be hastily dispensed with tomorrow.
Chai, things dey happen!

You may be the adored quintessence of fame today only to be missing in the hall of fame tomorrow.

You might be the best thing ever today and tomorrow you are remembered as the worst thing ever.

You could pride yourself on being the best today while the next day you were actually the worse of them all.

You have it all today and it all comes to naught tomorrow.

You can build the most glorious of structures and tomorrow, it all crumbles like a pack of cards.
C’est la vie!

It could get so bad but the next day or becomes very good.
It could be all rosy today while tomorrow the thorns which have been hidden beside the roses, rise in prominence.

It won’t be strange if you’re in charge today and end up getting discharged tomorrow. 
It could be good, it can be bad. It can get so dark and then turn so bright. 

One thing remains certain and continues to be constant-You.

Remove allocations, locations, public appellations, and personal affirmations, you are still the same you. 

Where you find relevance only changed but not your personal relevance. It could be so difficult to see this as a struggling young man, disgruntled young lady, frustrated spouse, unappreciated colleague, and a troubled boss.


I still say the truth and until you begin to see it for what it is, these words won’t make sense to you. 

I have shared the words, it is up to you to heed to the message.

©2020 Bethany Blaze